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Mission Statement:
Empower each individual to make responsible choices, meet challenges, achieve personal success, and contribute to a global society.

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A to Z site index

Looking for information on our website? Below is an A to Z index of pages and subjects in this site.  Choose a letter below to jump to a particular section, or just browse through the topics.

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Absentee ballots (annual budget vote)


Academic Departments



Audit Committee


Alumni, Class Websites

Alumni Hall of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees

About Us

Adult Education

Annual Notifications

APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review)

Asbestos Management Plan


Art History Culture and Museums in New York State

Art History Websites and Organizations

Art, High School Courses 

Art, High School Graduation Requirements

Art, High School Program

Art, High School Sequence of Study 

Art Portfolio Guidance

Art Sketchbook Ideas

Art Supplies


Athletics, Directions

Athletic Handbook [PDF]

Athletics, Participation Requirements

Athletic Placement Process (Formerly Selective Classification)

Athletic Schedules

Athletic Teams

Attendance Policy Summary

Audit Committee



Birchwood Elementary School

Birchwood Elementary School, About

Birchwood Elementary School, Special Events

Birchwood Elementary School, History  

Birchwood Elementary School, Principal  

Birchwood Elementary School, Staff Directory

Board of Education

Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Supporting Materials

Board of Education Members

Board of Education Minutes Archive, Past Years

Board of Education Policies

Board of Education Subcommittees

Booster Club


Budget Calendar

Budget, Glossary

Budget, Voter Information

Buildinig Use Handbook, Fees & Form - See Building Use

Bus Drivers

Bus FAQs

Bus Rules





Class Size Guidelines, Elementary Level

Closings and Delays

Code of Conduct, Elementary

Code of Conduct, Middle School

Code of Conduct, High School

Code of Conduct Summary

College Exams

College Exam Tips

College Scholarships

Committee on Special Education (CSE)

Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

Committee on Preschool Special Education Meetings

Common Core Learning Standards

Communications & News

Contact Us

Continuing Education

Contracts, Employee

Counseling Services

Counseling Staff

Craig Elementary School

Craig Elementary School, About

Craig Elementary School, History

Craig Elementary School, Principal

Craig Elementary School, Special Events

Craig Elementary School, Staff Directory



Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

District Calendar

District News

District Newsletter, Your Schools

Directions to Niskayuna Schools

Directions to Area Schools  



Elementary Counseling

Elementary Counseling Links

Employee Contracts

Middle School Counseling

High School Counseling

Education Enrichment Fund

Elementary School General Information

Engineering Institute for Young Women

Elementary Health Curriculum

Elementary Learning Resources

Elementary Level Class Size Guidelines

Elementary Homework Guidelines


Employee Contracts


English Language Arts Department

English Language Arts Department Works Cited Samples

Engineering Technology Department

Enrollment, by school (monthly reports)

Exchange Programs



Facility Use Handbook and Fee Structure [PDF]

Facility Use Request Form [PDF]

Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Financial Statements

"Flex Zones," Elementary Flexible Attendance Zones

Food Services

Foreign Language

Foreign Language Exchange Programs

Foreign Language Teachers

Free and Reduced Price Meals/Milk

Freedom of Information Law and requesting records






Glencliff Elementary School

Glencliff Elementary School, About 

Glencliff Elementary School, Principal

Glencliff Elementary School, Staff Directory

Glencliff Elementary School, Supply Lists

Grade Point Average



Hall of Fame

High School Counseling

Health Curriculum, Elementary

Health Education

Health Education, Opt-Out Procedures

Health Education, AIDS Instruction

Health, High School

Health, Middle School

Health Services

High School Alumni

High School Alumni, Class Websites

High School Art Program

High School Art Courses 

High School Art Graduation Requirements

High School Art as a Sequence of Study 

High School  Foreign Language Exchange Programs

High School  Foreign Language Program Overview

High School Math

High School Math Department Links

High School Music

High School Music as a Sequence of Study

High School Open Enrollment and Self-Selection

High School Transcript Requests

Hillside Elementary School

Hillside Elementary School, About

Hillside Elementary School, Citizenship

Hillside Elementary School, Special Events

Hillside Elementary School, Staff Directory

Hillside Elementary School, Supply Lists

Homework Guidelines, Elementary

Homework Guidelines, Middle School

Home Schooling




Interscholastic Sports

International Scholars Program

Iroquois Middle School

Iroquois Middle School, About

Iroquois Middle School, Announcements

Iroquois Middle School, Clubs

Iroquois Middle School, Counseling

Iroquois Middle School, Staff Directory



Job Opportunities








Library Mission & Goals

Lunch Menus



Map of Elementary Attendance Zones [PDF]

Math Department

Math, High School

Math, High School Department Links

Middle School Homework Guidelines

Middle School General Information

Mission Statement

Middle School Foreign Language Program

Modified Sports

Music Department

Music, Elementary

Music, High School

Music, Middle School

Music Lessons and Vendors

Music Sequence of Study




National Lunch Program


Newsletters, Your Schools Archive

Nisky C.A.R.E.S

Niskayuna Art Gallery

Niskayuna Calendar

Niskayuna High School

Niskayuna High School, About

Niskayuna High School, Bulletin

Niskayuna High School, Clubs

Niskayuna High School, Driver's Education

Niskayuna High School Alumni

Niskayuna High School Alumni, Class Websites

Niskayuna High School Art Program

Niskayuna High School Art Courses 

Niskayuna High School Counseling

Niskayuna High School Graduation Requirements

Niskayuna High School Art as a Sequence of Study 

Niskayuna High School Foreign Language Exchange Programs

Niskayuna High School Foreign Language Program Overview

Niskayuna High School Math

Niskayuna High School Math Department Links

Niskayuna High School Music

Niskayuna High School Music as a Sequence of Study

Niskayuna High School, Principal

Niskayuna High School Program of Studies, 2017-18 | 2016-17

Niskayuna High School Profile [PDF]

Niskayuna High School, Procedures

Niskayuna High School, Staff Directory

Niskayuna High School, Teacher Honors

Niskayuna High School Transcript Requests

Notifications, Annual






Parent Conferences

Parent Groups

Parent Portal

Parent Today

Pesticides, Use of and Notifications


Pool Rules

Pool FAQs

Pool Information

Preschool Information

Preschool Story Hours

Preschool Timeline

Preschool 1000 Book Program

Professional Development Plan [PDF]

Prohibition of Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment, Hazing, and Retaliation

Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

Physical Education Department






Records Access (and Freedom of Information Law)

Register a Student

Report Cards

Rosendale Elementary School

Rosendale Elementary School, About

Rosendale Elementary School, Principal

Rosendale Elementary School, Staff Directory

Rosendale Elementary School, Summer Reading

Rosendale Elementary School, Supply Lists





School Board

School Board Meetings

School Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes &  Supporting Materials

School Board Members

School Board Policies

School Board Subcommittees

School Closings and Delay

School Nurses

School Attendance Zones, listing by street [PDF]

Science Department

Science Technology Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)

Second Languages

Selective Classification (This is now the Athletic Placement Process

Social Studies Department


Special Education

Special Education Staff


Sports Directions

Sports Schedules

Sports Teams

Sports Participation Requirements

Staff Directory, Birchwood

Staff Directory, Craig

Staff Directory, Glencliff

Staff Directory, Hillside

Staff Directory, Iroquois

Staff Directory, Niskayuna High School

Staff Directory, Rosendale

Staff Directory, Van Antwerp

Staff Resources

Story Hours

Student Records and Release of Student Information

Student Report Cards

Student Rights and Responsbilities

Student Services

Student Testing Dates

Summer Enrichment Programs

Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Search, 2014-15


Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Rules

Swimming Pool FAQs

Swmming Pool Information



Tax Levy Cap/Limit

Tax Rates


Timeline, Preschool







Van Antwerp Middle School

Van Antwerp Middle School, About

Van Antwerp Middle School, Activities

Van Antwerp Middle School, Announcements

Van Antwerp Middle School, Fundraisers

Van Antwerp Middle School, Principal

Van Antwerp Middle School, Staff Directory

Van Antwerp Middle School, Summer Reading

Voter Information



Water Testing, for Lead

Working Papers

Works Cited Samples





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