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May 7, 2014

N-CAP donation helps teen safety and substance abuse prevention efforts


picture of a student 
High school student Josh Zeiser demonstrates how the Fatal Vision goggles simulate impairment, impacting balance and vision.
picture of school and community leaders 
N-CAP leaders were joined by school leaders, teachers, and students for the donation. 

The Niskayuna school community will have even more tools in the effort to keep teens safe with a special donation to Niskayuna High School from the Niskayuna Community Action Program (N-CAP) that was made on Wednesday, May 7.

Denise Leader, president of N-CAP, presented school leaders with two alco-sensors and a set of Fatal Vision Goggles. They were joined by student members of the Students Advocating for a Positive Environment (SAPE) club. The donation comes ahead of the high school's Junior Prom, and represents the strong partnership between the district and N-CAP when it comes to promoting awareness and responsible choices.

"With N-CAP's focus on the prevention of substance use and abuse by our youth, we are pleased to provide additional tools to the school district to enhance what they do on a daily basis to educate and keep our students safe," Leader said.

The goggles will be used in health classes and in prevention programs throughout the district. They simulate the loss of control that results from the consumption of alcohol and, specifically, demonstrating the danger that comes with getting behind the wheel after drinking.

The alco-sensors are passive alcohol detection devices that can sense alcohol with the wave of a wand rather than requiring students to blow in an instrument. The sensors are used at major school functions, such as dances.

"We will use these tools for the benefit of our kids," Assistant High School Principal Mark Treanor said. "We really appreciate this donation and the partnership that N-CAP has with not only student groups, but our entire school community. It's a tremendous organization."

The funding for the donation came through the Drug Free Communities Grant that N-CAP was awarded last fall by the National Drug Control Policy and the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. This five-year federal grant has given N-CAP the ability to further partnerships in the community to combat underage alcohol and other drug use.

Activities funded through the grant include the Drug Drop Off Day, training for the Niskayuna Police Department, participation of coaches and teen athletes in the Life of an Athlete Program, and more.