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December 16, 2013

High school documentary film students look straight into the camera

High School students in Mr. Lester's Documentary Film class got some firsthand experience on December 13 with an inventive technique in documentary filmmaking known as The Interrotron. The Interretron is a way of arranging cameras for an interview so that the resulting film shows the interview subject looking straight into camera.

This technique was popularized by documentarian Errol Morris, whose Academy Award-winning, "The Fog of War," was recently viewed by the class. In the class activity on Friday, students were able to experience this style as both an interviewer and an interviewee. (You can learn more here.)

Brian O'Connor, who runs the school TV studio, and Rich Lane of the Technology Department, helped make the necessary dual camera arrangement possible. And Mr. Lester even got the chance to try out the Interrotron as an interview subject, revealing insights such as what he is learning from teaching the film class.