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March 13, 2015

Board of Education adopts 2015-16 school calendar

The Board of Education adopted the school calendar for 2015-16 at a meeting on Friday morning, March 13. This is the basic calendar that establishes the first and last days of school, holidays, half days, and school recesses.

View the calendar as a PDF

The calendar calls for school to begin on September 1. This is prior to Labor Day - which falls as late as possible next year on September 7. Board members ultimately decided that this was the best approach to ensure that the calendar maximized student instructional days, included enough snow days, and observed all traditional breaks and holidays.

Developing a calendar for next year was a unique challenge, given the late Labor Day and other factors. Over the last few weeks of calendar discussions, it became clear that it would not be possible to meet the requirements and accommodate traditional holidays without either starting school before Labor Day or abbreviating the April break.

In an earlier version of the calendar, the Board had agreed to a shortened April break in order to start school after Labor Day. Yet, feedback after that decision indicated that starting school before Labor Day provided for a much more instructionally sound calendar. Members came back together to reconsider the calendar on Friday.

Although the final calendar includes the full week off for April recess, our region's snowy winters and unpredictable weather mean that in any given year it is possible that some of the April recess could be needed to make up days. In fact, the state has been unwilling to waive the required number of instructional days due to weather cancellations unless districts use every possible day to make up days - including April recess.

The calendar approved by the Board includes three snow days that can be used before any decision about April recess would need to be considered.