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June 1, 2015

Message from John Yagielski


Statement about the tabled motion to accept the May 19th vote results

It is customary in some school districts to have the Board of Education adopt a motion to approve and accept the results of the annual voting on the school budget and candidates for the school board for the purpose of recording the results in the minutes of the board meeting following the vote.

For the May 26, 2015 meeting of the Board of Education, I had placed on the agenda a motion which stated: Move that the Board of Education, upon the recommendation of the Interim Superintendent of Schools, approve and accept the results of the May 19, 2015 vote for the 2015-16 budget and two (2) Board of Education member seats as per ASM 7a.

During discussion of this motion, I was asked if it was legally necessary for the board to adopt this motion in order for the budget vote and board election results to be in effect. In response, I suggested that the board table the motion, pending my contacting the school attorney to pose the question.

Upon doing so, I was informed by the school attorney that such a motion was not legally required for our district. This requirement only applies to school districts with more than one polling place. Since we use only one polling place, the machines are opened after the vote, and when the results are announced by the district clerk, they are considered to be official.

However, legal counsel did point out that there is a requirement that the district clerk deliver a formal notice to the board candidates that have been elected. The district clerk has provided the candidates who were the two top vote getters, Howard Schlossberg and David Koes, written notification that they have been elected to the Board of Education.

I offer my congratulations to Howard and David and extend my most sincere thanks to Barbara Mauro and Bob Winchester for their many years of service to our school district.