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November 6, 2014

New teachers welcomed at November 5 reception

Prior to the November 5 meeting of the Board of Education, the district formally welcomed this year's new teachers with a reception in the Crossroads area of the high school. Each school principal introduced their new faculty members, who are listed below the photo.

We welcome our newest teachers to Niskayuna, and thank them for the contributions they are making to our community and the lives of our students 

picture of new teachers


2014-15 New Teachers

Cheryl Adkins, Glencliff
Erin Blackwood, Iroquois
Jessica Brennan, District
Susan Feller, Van Antwerp, Iroquois, Hillside
Nicole Fountain, Iroquois
Brian Grastorf, Elementary
Carolyn Gregory, Hillside, Glencliff
Amelia Hajjar, High School
Emma Heritage, High School
Katherine Kirkpatrick, Birchwood, Van Antwerp
John LeClerc, High School
Margaret McMahan, Glencliff, Hillside
Jennifer Mitchell, Glencliff
Richelle Pakosz, Niskayuna High School
Carla Pakosz, Birchwood, Hillside, Van Antwerp
Susan Pedlow, Van Antwerp
Olga Plotnikov, High School
Talene Schaffer, Iroquois, Van Antwerp
Ross Teats, High School
Heather Workman, High School